Anne O Nomis

Teaches on the arts of the Dominatrix


Internationally-acclaimed author & educator

Anne O Nomis is regarded as a world expert on Domination, and is author of the major book on the subject - 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix'.

Anne's email: [email protected]

Study the Dominatrix Seven Realm Arts™ certificate course & more ONLINE

For the first time ever, the Dominatrix Seven Realm Arts™ course classes have been filmed for Anne's ONLINE course option. Further Advanced Study and Distance Domination study options will be added over the forthcoming weeks.

Experience Anne's classroom streamed to your home (wherever in the world you are)

With the marvels of streaming and teleconference technologies, join Anne's intimate classes in the Main Salon & Education Salon in Melbourne, Australia.

Welcome and inclusive to all of 'Inanna's people' 

Anne's teachings are informed by 'Lady of the Largest Heart'; a philosophy of open mind and large heart to all diverse sexualities and identities. This is in keeping with the Mesopotamian sex Goddess Inanna (or Ishtar as she was known as in Akkadian), whose image is thought to be represented in 'Queen of the Night relief' (pictured here), Inanna's people included sex workers, people of third gender or non-binary gender, transgender, sexual submissives and other identities.

Anne receives a diverse group of students and clients; from company CEOs to doctors, psychologists, lawyers, kindergarten teachers, sex workers, musicians, burlesque artists, tantricas and more; and a wide range of backgrounds, sexual and gender identities and interests.

Anne feels that her calling is to uncover secretive and suppressed knowledge within the field of sexuality, and to pass it on to seekers of erotic wisdom. She is very grateful to her students and clients for supporting her work and efforts writing and teaching in this domain.


Testimonials from students

"The practical experience was great. Anne’s experience makes her a very credible teacher - also her approach- learn from mistakes, empathy etc made it a safe space for all."

"Anne is a wonderful educator. I was super nervous prior to attending the course but i felt comfortable straight away. Thank you."

"This course was incredibly informative and inspiring. Anne was an amazing teacher. I loved learning about the psychology & history behind BDSM."

"Anne is such a dedicated teacher with passion and enthusiasm for the subject. She has a depth of knowledge that few in the world could rival, and is generous in sharing her unique knowledge and insight." 

"Thank you Anne - the course was amazing. Loved it. It's been literally life-changing for me personally. You are an inspiring and gifted teacher. The students all say so and when we were talking amongst ourselves, there were comments made along the lines of that you were not the hard-arse bitch that we expected but someone heart-felt, kind, strong and so knowledgable. Your wisdom and confidence shine. Blessings to you."


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