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Dominatrix Seven Realm Arts™ Certificate course

There is a Youtube preview video here: ABOUT THE TEACHER Anne is the author of the world-renowned book 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix'. Her book has been positively reviewed by DDI Magazine, Massad Magazine, Leatherati, Slutist, Library Journal Review, and Dominatrices themselves. It is used as the training curriculum at many dungeons and Mistress training courses worldwide. She holds a Masters degree in Comparative Art and Archaeology from UCL (University College London) which is rated in the top 10 universities Internationally. Her undergraduate Bachelors degree is in Art History and Theory. As well as teaching Villa Domme, she teaches the online and in-person Dominatrix Seven Realm Arts™ certificate, has taught Oz Kink Fest for two years running in 2017 and 2018, and DomCon NOLA in 2020. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE Dominatrix Seven Realm Arts™ certificate course  The International Online Dominatrix Seven Realm Arts certificate course is available at: The dates listed are listed as the same dates for the small group class running 5th-6th February but in fact you may start the course when you wish (including straight away), and most  students take this over 8 weeks. Anne O Nomis has gone to great lengths to record the entire course to a high quality level with a professional videographer and editor, to make it available to those based around the world.The online International Seven Realm Arts certificate course follows the same format as the in-person course, with 8 lessons in which each lesson is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes in length. Additional reading material, resources and homework has been added to support and enhance the course for those who are studying around the world. CONTENT CONTENT: * Introductory & Framework Watch video class for Introductory & Framework - 1 hour, 53 minutes Covering Inanna's people, philosophy of large heart and open mind, ascertaining interests, methods of questionnaires, questions, sex map, interest cross-over, medical conditions affecting play, mitigating risks, models of consent, what to do when things go wrong. Homework: 'Ascertaining Interests' homework exercises to undertake prior to the next class. * Realm Art I - The Art of the Sublime & Powerful Woman Watch video class for Realm Art I - The Art of the Sublime & Powerful Woman - 1 hour, 41 minutes SSC v RACK, Covering archetypes, role models of female sexual power, stepping into power, body language and energetics of power, title command, claiming your rightful throne and position above them, etc. With Workbook provided for homework reference on Seven Realm Arts, models of female sexual power, blocks, etc. * Realm Art II - The Art of lowering the man - or person - to submission Watch video class for Realm Art II - The lowering of the man (or person) to submission  - 2 hours, 20  mins Covering different psychologies of men who enjoy to submit or BDSM activities - including submissives, slaves, masochists, fetishists, kinksters, etc. What makes them tick and from where they take their pleasure. Physical lower and status lower a male (or person) in relation to you in the power dynamic play, combined with proximity privilege. Session planning with cross-over (revision) and session structure.  With Homework readings on masochism psychology, slave psychology, and on GGG (for comparison with 'Lady of the Largest Heart'). * Realm Art III - The Art of bondage, entrapment & enclosure Watch video class for Realm Art III - The art of bondage, entrapment & enclosure - 1 hour, 31 mins (Note: it is a slightly shorter length video class this week giving opportunity time to irresistibly practice bondage ties after.) Covering different forms of bondage, why someone may find it paradoxically free-ing to be put into bondage and thus escape their everyday role, and covering bondage equipment and basic bondage wrist ties, decorative slave body harnesses, and cock-and-ball ties. With homework practice of two pillar ties (on ankles of self or willing person), body harness, & if you have suitable apparatus available practice of CBT ties. Homework reading on "From Samurai to Sweet Gwendoline: How shibari bondage became a BDSM fetish *thing*", and other forms of bondage that inspire (including medieval period). * Realm Art IV - The Art of training, discipline and punishment Watch video class for Realm Art IV - The art of training, discipline & punishment - 1 hour, 45 mins + additional 14 mins to watch the bonus video on Cleaning & Sterilizing Equipment (1 hour, 59 mins in total to watch both) Covering discipline, forms of corporal punishment and how to safely use impact equipment, warm-up spanking, use of paddles, straps and strops, canes, etc. A brief run-down on cleaning and sterilizing techniques and information for different types of equipment, etc. With homework to practice CP techniques with equipment as desired, pillow practice, body practice, and possibility to use 'convertible pervertibles' (if one wishes to make use of what they have at home rather than acquiring specialist impact implements) with same technique principles taught to be applied.  * Realm Art V - The Art of in-body and out-of-bodily Watch video class for Realm Art V - The Art of In-Body and Out-of-Bodily - 1 hour, 30 mins Covering the origins of this practice in relation to shamanism, use of blindfolds, gags, sensory deprivation techniques, use of plugs and pegging, electrics and Violet wand ray, urethral sounds, mummification and wax play etc. With homework readings on topics of Breathplay (& Anne's significant warnings on risks with Jay Wiseman resources), Violet wand ray machines, Heavier sensory deprivation equipment and bondage images, lighter options, and practice exercises of simple sensory play. * Realm Art VI - The Art of cross-dressing, transformation & subversion Watch video class for Realm Art VI - The Art of Cross-dressing, transformation and subversion - 1 hour, 32 mins Covering the use of cross-dressing from use of panties and stockings for eroticism and sensuality, through to those who desire androgyny as a creative soup escape from fixed gender roles such as rock stars often do, through to more comprehensive cross-dressing and gender transformation. With homework readings on Goddess Inanna and her cross-dressing and gender non-binary cult officiants, and modern-day transgender issues, terms & understandings / Dungeon differentiations of the way in which language terms used with an emphasis on affirming terms preferred and asking when in doubt, on preferred pronoun, name, and their own preferences. Opportunity to practice as homework a cross-dressing ritual or androgyny mixing of gender elements ritual (as optional if one has a willing play-partner). * Realm Art VII - The Art of fetish & fantasy Watch video class for Realm Art VII - The Art of Cross-dressing, transformation and subversion - 1 hour, 22 mins  Covering the process of fetish formation in pre-adolescence most typically by an experience which combines fear, arousal and taboo, and was found thrilling and chilling with awe involved, and wired a fetish for life. A discussion of most common fetishes - leather, latex, PVC, stiletto boots or heels, and feet, as well as more rare fetishes, and how to play with fetish and weave it into fantasy. With homework readings and further information on Fetishes, difference between a kink and a fetish, and on Looking at, Seeing and Understanding Foot fetishes. To book:  

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